Stefanie and Vineet's wedding weekend was definitely one for the books. Here I am writing about this wedding that happened almost two years ago, and to this day it's still one of the most epic wedding days.

The two reached out to me in 2018 regarding their multi-cultural wedding they'll be hosting at Wente Vineyards. Stefanie is Chinese and Vineet is Indian, but they were both born and raised in the United States. They wanted to honor each part of their cultural heritage in their wedding celebration and that meant making their special day into a special weekend.

Gate Crashing and Tea Ceremony (Chinese)

We kicked the Friday off with a Gate Crashing/Tea Ceremony in the morning at Stefanie's parents' home. While everyone was allowed to come in before we started, Vineet was locked out. He had several tasks to complete in order to prove his love for Stephanie and earn the right to marry her... through some silly games! Thankfully he had the help of his closest friends to complete each task.

Mehndi (Indian)

Later that evening, everyone changed out of their traditional Chinese attire into their traditional Indian attire for a mehndi (or henna) event at the Cupertino Community Center. Stefanie had been there for hours before everyone arrived since her henna was the most intricate. The couple celebrated together with Indian food for dinner, professional Bollywood dancers who came in to teach everyone a few moves, and more dancing!

Wedding Day

And now it's finally Saturday, the day Stefanie and Vineet officially tie the knot at Wente Vineyards.

Even though they had their cultural ceremonies the day before, they didn't want to stop incorporating their cultures into the wedding day. For the first half of the day, they wore a different set of traditional Indian attire. Stefanie's sari had the most beautiful blush pink tones and delicate gold details. Vineet, not matching in the same blush pink color, chose to wear a yellow beige turban and matching jacket and shoes.

When all the guests arrived, they opened with a Baraat--a tradition in Sikh weddings where the groom is led to the wedding venue. Typically the groom will enter on a white horse, but Vineet wanted the freedom of dancing with the crowd. They danced around the venue until finally reaching the ceremony location.

Their ceremony was a western/American ceremony that included vows, ring exchange, all sealed with a kiss. It was the standard western ceremony we often see. However, Stefanie had other plans...

I don't think I've ever heard of a bride (or groom) do a "voast" or in other words, a vow roast. Stefanie decided instead of doing her vows the traditional way, she would talk to all their guests and explain the story of Stefanie and Vineet to their family and friends in the form of a roast. Embarrassing middle school pictures were projected on the screen and Vineet found himself facepalming every 5 seconds. It was the greatest thing I've every witnessed at a wedding.

And finally at their reception, Stefanie and Vineet changed into western clothing for the awesome night ahead.

Once all the introductions, toasts, table visits, and dinner was done, the sun set and the night started to cool down. But Vineet had different plans. He cranked up the music, blasted Stefanie's favorite BTS song, and performed the most amazing hip hop dance routine he had practiced with friends before. It was clear to see that Stefanie was not only surprised, but ecstatic! The night ended with lion dancers coming in with a fun performance, shots, shots, shots, and dancing until the end of the night. It was truly one to remember.

Photographer: Danya | Venue: Wente Vineyards