Tiffany and William’s wedding day was on a bright, sunny day at the Ardenwood Historic Farms in Fremont (right by my home!). Everything about their wedding hit so close to home–both literally and figuratively. Tiffany and William have known one another since elementary school, but each one would say they became friends in different years (one said in elementary school, the other said middle school… who knows!). Even though they knew who the other was, they didn’t become good friends until their late years in high school (the same high school I attended!). While all their friends found it obvious that the two had something special, Tiffany and William’s friendship was tested as they went to different colleges. Their friendship was not lost, but rather placed on hold. Life eventually brought the two together after their individual ups and downs, and they found themselves both in their hometown (my hometown too!). The silly thing about relationships is that a big part of it depends on timing. After having their own experiences through college, masters programs, moving, and more, the two finally saw what their friends saw in them. Tiffany and William finally saw that they were perfect for one another.

Photographer: Danya and Raven | Ceremony Venue: Ardenwood Historic Farms, Fremont | Reception Venue: Asian Pearl Seafood Restaurant, Fremont | Hair and Makeup Artist: Shannon Le | Dress: Flares Bridal | Furniture Rental Company: Fine Linen Creations | Invitations: Minted | DJ: Alan Wong | Cake: Mary’s Bakery