Earlier this year, Raven had the pleasure of photographing Tiffany and Tim's elopement held at the Hastings House and Gardens in Half Moon Bay. When Raven arrived, it was a pretty overcast day, which is really common during the summer at Half Moon Bay. The garden was lush, still so vibrantly green from the spring showers. She met up with Tiffany and Tim and got ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was really intimate--just the couple, officiant, and Raven. The two wanted to keep this special day for themselves and it was such a sweet moment. It was so clear to see the two only had eyes for one another. Finally as the officiant closed the ceremony, the two sealed the deal with a passionate kiss. The best part about the Hastings House and Gardens is not just the fact that they have beautiful greenery and the cutest cottage, but that the beach is right across the street. After the ceremony, the three of them headed over to the beach, where the Pacific Ocean greeted them. Despite the waters being ice cold, the two still had the best time showing their love and running around the sand. Congratulations Tiffany and Tim!