A couple weeks ago, Liz reached out because she wanted to print out some of her photos from her wedding. Of course, I was ecstatic to hear she wanted to print out the images for their home. That also meant going through these photos from 2019 and remembering how many great moments there were at this Vietnamese-Korean-American wedding. We spent the morning at Hotel De Anza, getting ready for the ceremony, and Liz thought it would be so fun to set her bridesman out in a wedding dress to prank Steven... gotta say it worked! The two shared a great laugh and hugged it out. It was a great way for Steven to loosen up and calm his nerves before seeing his bride, Liz. After their first look, everyone prepared to walk down the aisle for the ceremony--a beautiful atrium off the side of the hotel. We took a bajillion family formals and then made our way down the streets of San Jose for some wedding party photos. The environment was so fitting for this go-with-the-flow group! After we wrapped up the portraits, we headed out to Fremont, where their reception was held at Asian Pearl (RIP, though I drove past it recently and it looks like they're preparing to open another Asian banquet hall there??). What a perfect venue to celebrate both their Korean and Vietnamese heritage.