The two met as wide-eyed freshmen exploring the Berkeley campus in 2007, but that was pretty much that. The next 4 years of undergrad didn't lead to a romantic college relationship, and the 4 years post-graduate didn't develop anything either. But this is where people always argue that timing is so important. 8 years after their first encounter, Chay posted a photo of herself at a tiki bar in Berkeley. Vansen had found it really coincidental seeing as he was just there a week before and commented on her picture. This small act sparked a conversation between the two which led to Vansen offering Chay "dinner and a birthday drink." The two met up after all these years and fell right back into the familiar friendship they developed in school... this led to their conversation exploring new topics like their hopes, travels, struggles, and more. The two had known one another for 8 years, and yet at the end of this one night, the two found themselves only looking at the other. They made plans to meet up next weekend, and then the next, and then the next... and finally in December 2020, the two officially tie the knot!

Side note: the two recently opened up an online plant store (with goals of opening a physical location as well!) with their two great friends. Check them out at Shop the Preserve.

Special thanks to this vendor team!

Photographer: Raven | Ceremony Venue: Good Shepherd Catholic Church | Hair and Makeup Artist: Angelina Doan | Videographer: Peek Media | Wedding Dress: Janene's Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Cake: Sweet Dreams Bakery