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Konnie + Jesse | City Hall Wedding


If you’ve been following me on social media, you might have seen a few photos from my trip to Hawaii. While most of it was for fun and vacation, the real reason why my family and our friends took the time to go to Maui was actually for my oldest brother’s wedding! 

But before we headed to Hawaii, the three of us headed to the San Francisco City Hall to get their paperwork done and we thought why not take a few nice photos to document this time as well.

The two have been together for 12 years exactly on their (official Maui) wedding date, so if you do the math, they’ve been together since they were 16 and 17 years old. So if you really do the math, you’ll realize that they’ve been together since I was 12 years old!

You can imagine how much this meant to them that finally after 12 years of dating life, they’ve finally tied the knot… but their wedding day wasn’t just about them. During the 12 years, both families and friends have been waiting… and me, I’ve been waiting the longest.

When Konnie entered Jesse’s life, she also became a part of mine. She became the big sister I never had, and the one I’ve always dreamed of.

You see that smile on my brother’s face? I had the same one behind the camera.

Konnie, when you married my brother, you married sisterhood with me.

When the two started dating, their song was called Fairy Tale (Tong Hua, by Michael Wong) and their wedding was nothing short.

This is my life. I am #thirdwheel

Always and Forever



I love you two.

Sally + Kevin | SF City Hall



Tomorrow’s the day! 

Sally + Kevin | SF City Hall Sneak Peek


We can’t help but swoon over Sally and Kevin’s City Hall session today! The two officially tie the knot next month in our own hometown, Union City (well, their reception will be here)! Kevin and I actually met many, many years ago when I was a little 7th grader and he was in high school. I was hanging out with his cousin and his mom asked him to drive me home afterwards. I honestly barely even remember this encounter and when he contacted me, all I could remember was how nerdy he was! Over ten years later, we meet again.

What a sweet, sunny day with these two! One more month to go! 

Amy + Joon | City Hall Wedding Sneak Peek


With Amy stationed in Hawaii and Joon in Italy, the two have traveled many miles to be together.

Congratulations Amy and Joon!

Alex + Bruce | City Hall Wedding


Alex and Bruce got married with the presence of their family and closest friends. It was clear to see how much love was shared amongst their group and how much Alex and Bruce cared for everyone there. The two were so easy going and such a joy to photograph. Here, I thought it was my job to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, but in reality, Alex and Bruce made me feel like a friend behind the camera. So excited to finally share their wedding here on the blog.


Congratulations Alex and Bruce!

Nicole + James | City Hall Wedding


Nicole and James met back in their college years and have been together ever since. From college buddies to husband and wife, the two have been inseparable for over 10 years. It’s clear that their wedding had been a long time coming and it was such a joyous occasion for the two as well as their families. 


We wish you two the best! Cheers for Nicole and James!


Alex + Bruce | City Hall Wedding Sneak Peek


Congratulations to Alex and Bruce! We wish you two the best!

Nicole + James | City Hall Wedding Sneak Peek


So excited to share this sweet wedding ceremony and portraits at the beautiful SF City Hall!

Keep your eyes posted for their full blog post soon!