Danya Chen Photography

Amaris + Joseph | Wedding Sneak Peek


Y’all know I cannot resist a good sneak peek! 

Congratulations to Amaris + Joseph Fan!


Special thanks to the other vendors who made this day possible! 

Venue: The Bridges Golf Club | Florals: Graceful Garland and Co. | Video: Ring Media | Coordinator: Cindy Chu


Jennifer + Nick | Wedding



Jennifer and Nick’s wedding day was such a sweet day. The two are from opposite ends of the country, yet they found their way to one another through a mutual friend. A few years later, here we are at their blessed day!

We loved this moment between daughter and mother. This was also the first time Jennifer’s mother had seen her in her dress and it was just filled with emotions!

Their first look was so sweet. The excitement and electricity between the two as they held hands could be felt by everyone around. Nick’s expression when he first saw her in her dress was so cute as he could not stop staring!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Nick!

Sally + Kevin | SF City Hall Sneak Peek


We can’t help but swoon over Sally and Kevin’s City Hall session today! The two officially tie the knot next month in our own hometown, Union City (well, their reception will be here)! Kevin and I actually met many, many years ago when I was a little 7th grader and he was in high school. I was hanging out with his cousin and his mom asked him to drive me home afterwards. I honestly barely even remember this encounter and when he contacted me, all I could remember was how nerdy he was! Over ten years later, we meet again.

What a sweet, sunny day with these two! One more month to go! 

Wei + Jerry | Wedding


Wei and Jerry’s wedding arrived so quickly, but at the same time, the two had been waiting for this day for a long time. The two met through a dating app almost 2 years ago and while some may say their dating period is so short, the two knew almost immediately they were meant to be. 

Congratulations to Wei and Jerry!

Allison + Anthony | Wedding


Allison and Anthony’s wedding was filled with so much culture, love, and happiness. Many guests asked me how I know them and I’ve realized it’s quite a story. I met Anthony about a year ago after I graduated from San Jose State University. I had moved back to my hometown and with all the free time of a recent graduate, I really wanted to use my time wisely. I decided to reach out to my high school photography teacher to see if there were any volunteering opportunity only to find she had left and Anthony replaced her in 2015. 

Congratulations to Allison and Anthony!

Amy + Joon | City Hall Wedding Sneak Peek


With Amy stationed in Hawaii and Joon in Italy, the two have traveled many miles to be together.

Congratulations Amy and Joon!

Michelle + Sunny | Engagement


To quote T-swizzy, “When you are missing someone, time seems to move slower, and when I’m falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster.” Michelle and Sunny have been head over heels for each other for over 10 years. Through the years they’ve seen each other transform and grow into the beautiful human beings they are now. It’s  clear to see how fast time flew for the two of them as they embarked on their travel adventures as well as the adventures of life.

3 more months until the wedding!



Alex + Bruce | City Hall Wedding


Alex and Bruce got married with the presence of their family and closest friends. It was clear to see how much love was shared amongst their group and how much Alex and Bruce cared for everyone there. The two were so easy going and such a joy to photograph. Here, I thought it was my job to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, but in reality, Alex and Bruce made me feel like a friend behind the camera. So excited to finally share their wedding here on the blog.


Congratulations Alex and Bruce!

Jennifer + Nick | Wedding Sneak Peek


Congratulations to Jennifer and Nick!


If you missed their engagement session, check it out here!

Tina + Lucia | Graduation Portraits


Tina and Lucia are two peas in a pod! 


Congratulations to our 2018 grads!