Karen and Charlton’s engagement session started at the entrance of the California Academy of Sciences in the middle of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Even though it was the middle of summer, the infamous SF fog rolled in despite the weather reports. Thankfully we were inside because it was so cold outside! I love that they wanted to take photos in front of the giant t-rex because it’s so unique to the California Academy. We got lucky as the Academy was particularly empty considering kids are out for summer vacay, but we also intentionally arrived about 45 minutes before closing. 

After a few at the entrance, we headed into the rainforest exhibit to take a few in the unique hybrid of indoors and outdoors. We saw a few birds, but were mainly hoping for a butterfly to come by. While we did see the butterflies, we weren’t as lucky to have one land on us. Regardless, we were able to get some gorgeous photos in an indoor space filled with plants.

Absolutely loved this thick plant wall!

We made our way downstairs and found ourselves in the aquarium. While my photographic style is typically brighter, I love how the darker lighting and backlighting portrays a more mystical emotion behind these images. Light truly rules everything. 

With the Academy closing, we decided to head outside and Carl the fog was fully present in the Golden Gate Park. I commend Karen and Charlton for braving with the cold! If you could see me behind the camera, you’d seem me wrapped and zipped up with my face red from the cold and wind, haha! It’s a good thing I was not being photographed! At least with the fog, the lighting was still so bright, but not harsh at all. The park was surprisingly empty as well (probably due to the weather), so we had the entire place almost to ourselves!

I’m so excited for their upcoming wedding this Saturday! Congratulations Karen and Charlton!

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