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I’m Danya (pronounced “don-yuh”–like Tanya, but with a ‘d’) – photographer, self-proclaimed traveler, and amateur foodie. Growing up, I was that kid who was always so forgetful. So when my family got our first camera, I was intrigued by how a photo can insight a memory I would’ve forgotten had I not seen the photo. I fell in love with photography during my last year in high school and when it came time to go to college, I decided to dedicate my time at San Jose State to learn more. In 2017, I graduated and received my Bachelors in Fine Art in Photography!

Before Danya Chen Photography was made, I spent my weekdays in class and weekends assisting other professionals, gaining experience and confidence to photograph weddings. In 2016, I officially opened up Danya Chen Photography and started taking on my own weddings as the head photographer. In 2018, we’ve doubled in size… and what that means is that instead of a one-woman team, we are now a two-woman team! Raven is my associate photographer who has been working with me for quite some time. You can find out more about her below!


Random facts about me:

  • Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area! While I love traveling and exploring new places, the Bay Area will always be home.
  • Game night is my favorite pass time with my friends. I’ve been known to ruin games by winning too much, so watch out!
  • My name is Danya and I’m addicted to… the internet. More specifically: Youtube, Netflix, Hulu… basically any streaming site. I’ve always enjoyed the visual arts and how it can make me feel so immersed in this other world.
  • I’m a hard person to get a gift for, but one thing I’ll always love… cookies!! Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia, the list goes on.
  • I waited over 12 years for my puppy, Sunny! Definitely ask me how my parents tricked me when we meet up in person.
  • I use too many exclamation points, but trust me, I’m truly excited!

Raven, Associate Photographer

  • “Raven here! Engineer by day, photographer by nights… and weekends. When I’m not stalking Danya’s Instagram, I’m playing with my dog, exploring the beautiful state of California, riding my motorcycle, or thinking about the next color to dye my hair. More than those, I love capturing the mushy, gushiness between two lovebirds. Let me tell you my worst jokes, so that I can capture your most genuine smiles and laughs; let’s capture some memories!”
  • Find her on IG under #dcpwithraven

Let’s connect!
IG: @danyachenphoto

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