Danya Chen Photography

Paul + Jane | Engagement Session


Paul and Jane met on the first day of their freshman year of high school and just like that, their love story began. Together, they went through the struggles of both high school and college (not to mention a long distance relationship!), growing and developing alongside each other, and now they are entering their young adult years together. Throughout all of the changes in their lives, the one consistent thing was their love for one another. 11 years later, they’re engaged and planning for their wedding in 2019! 

“No matter how confusing and frustrating life is, we have always been each other’s most supportive friend.”

“I’m hoping the rest of our lives can be a very long and beautiful journey.”

Joseph & Amaris | Engagement Session


Amaris and I lived together for her last year at San Jose State University, so this session takes a special place in my heart. During that time we got to know each other and I got to hear about her relationship with Joseph. To see them finally tying the knot makes me so excited as it seems like it was a long time coming.

Can you believe he chose that ring for her?

Congratulations Joseph and Amaris! I am so excited for what life throws at you two.

Location: Lovers Lane, San Francisco, CA